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Not being able to establish the connection to Live caused by firewall or no notes in scene

After last week's post on antivirus or Internet security software resulting in an error of granting insufficient rights to the license manager, we can now confirm another possible problem with such software: the firewall of these applications may block communication between Liquid Notes for Live and Ableton Live, resulting in the error message "The connection to Live could not be established".

We've also identified another possibility on how you could run into that same error, which so far went unnoticed.

Cannot establish the connection to Live

Liquid Notes for Live uses the Open Sound Protocol (OSC) to communicate with Ableton Live. This is a protocol for networking sound synthesizers, computers and other multimedia devices, which uses network ports for messaging between applications. These ports are monitored by firewalls, and if for some reason are detected falsely as malicious communication will get blocked by it.

This normally happens immediately after installation of Liquid Notes for Live, and will result in an error message "The connection to Live could not be established" when clicking on the 'Get clips' button. If you run into this error, you can resolve it by checking the table of blocked ports or applications in the firewall settings of your antivirus or Internet security software, and change the ports marked for use by Liquid Notes for Live to "allowed".

However, this error may be caused by another issue: it may happen that the scene you selected doesn't contain any notes. Normally this is indicated in Live via color for a clip in session view - yet, if a clip is assigned first and then all notes cleared - intentionally or unintentionally - the color doesn't change and the clip remains assigned. You'd be only able to see that there are no notes in arrangement view.

Clicking on the 'Get clips' button then results in the same error, as empty clips aren't delivered to Liquid Notes for Live. This is being investigated at present, with a fix to be applied asap.

We have put together a checklist to run through in our FAQs when experiencing this error.

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