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More Choice for Where to Buy: Liquid Notes gets listed at Musikhaus Thomann

Our reseller cooperation with Best Service is only some days old, and already we are proud to announce that Liquid Notes is now available at Musikhaus Thomann. The latter being no smaller than Europe's largest online and retail store for music gear.

This makes us very happy, and shows the confidence these people have in our products and our ability to continuously make them better. For you as consumer it means more choice for where to buy Liquid Notes.

Buy Liquid Notes online at the store of your preference.

We are aware how much trust and established relationships play a major role in taking purchasing decisions. To that end it is our goal to have our intelligent composing assistant listed in many retail stores of your choice, and thereby provide you the convenience to shop in a familiar environment.

Musikhaus Thomann, a very well known high-quality retailer for music gear, has now started listing Liquid Notes on their website. This is a major achievement, and no small one either!

Over the next weeks we will add more partners to list our product, and update you about the new choices in our newsletter and on our blog here. Meanwhile, you may purchase our music software at Best Service (also available as shipping version!) or directly from us on the Re-Compose website.

Technical support for Liquid Notes.

The technical support, and everything related to the product Liquid Notes, remains with us. Any inquiries about your order with the partners listed herein please direct at them!

Any questions? Send them to and we'll be happy to answer them!

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