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Liquid Notes is now also available for a purchase at MacUpdate

MacUpdate have for a long time been one of the most favorite resources to explore and download software for Mac. Earlier this year they have upgraded their platform to now also include purchases of software from different developers directly from their website.

Here is more on that and similar trends in the industry.

A changing field in retail of (music) software

Only a few years ago the way forward on how to go about distribution of a product was pretty straight forward: make a deal with a distributor to get your software stocked with resellers, who often had just made the transition from boxed products to digital. Or, were just about to do so and in the process get used to this new world.

Nowadays software developers are offered many more possibilities, largely thanks to the Internet. Not only can one sell software directly via their own website, but also more and more owners of online portals move forward in providing the infrastructure to offer sales via them. Needless to say that for a software developer this is welcome news, as in today's busy world getting more exposure is of critical importance. And, it's hard to get by even with strenuous efforts put into it.

We're quite happy than that we have been approached by MacUpdate some weeks ago to become a launch partner for offering our Liquid Notes on their platform. Our products had been listed there for software downloads in the past, but as of immediate you can also purchase Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live from MacUpdate.

We'll continue working on adding more resellers for our intelligent chord management software soon.

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