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Working together with Oracle on resolving the issue for compatibility with Java 8

It’s been a while since Java 8 has been made available to users of Mac and Windows. While Liquid Notes is compatible with Java 8 on Windows, this is not the case yet for Mac. Over the past months we have been working together with Oracle, the developers of Java, in understanding the issue that causes an error on launching Liquid Notes on Mac OS X when using Java 8.

Here is an update on this situation, mostly relevant for Mac users only.

Java 8 error when launching Liquid Notes on Mac

Those of you who attempted to run Liquid Notes on Mac with Java 8 will have been prompted by an error message when launching Liquid Notes. Acknowledging it will make the application quit, and make it non-usable with Java 8 - hence, why we included a warning message in the most recent version of Liquid Notes that asks you to install an older version of Java instead.

Not being compatible with the most popular programming language is as painful to us, as the developer of Liquid Notes, as it is to you. Hence, ever since the problem first occurred we have made quite a lot of investment to try to understand its root cause, and why it happens to us whereas others don’t seem to be affected by it.

It has eventually taken a long exchange with Oracle to further close in on where the problem most likely seems to originate from. While we don’t have the final answer yet, over the past weeks we have come a step closer in solving this mystery. In the next days and weeks further analysis will be conducted to hopefully identify the root cause, and from there move forward in resolving this issue. There is no guarantee for that to happen just yet, but we’re positive that we have come a long way in having a much better understanding of this rare issue.

While we normally don’t comment on issues such as these, we thought it’s a piece of news worth spreading as the issue has been open for such a long time.

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