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Working on a fix for compatibility of Liquid Notes on macOS 10.15

With Apple having released macOS 10.15 (Catalina), some profound changes have taken place and you may have noticed that Liquid Notes won't launch. We're working on a fix, already testing it as we speak.

Find out more in this article.

Incompatibility with Java 6 SE on macOS 10.15

As outlined, the problem is related to macOS 10.15 not supporting the Java 6 SE runtime by default. However, it looks possible to fix this.

Thanks to a helping hand received from one of our customers, we are currently testing the implementation of a fix and - granted all is working fine - should have it ready for you within the next few days.

It is our intention to fix the underlying problem of having to use Java 6 (for there has been a bug with Java 8 that rendered the use of it on macOS not possible) with the relaunch of Liquid Notes at W.A. Production, either later this year or early next year.

Note that no such problem with Java exists on Windows, for Java 8 is used there.

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