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Video review by In The DAW gives an excellent view on I2C8

For those of you who want to know what others think about our new MIDI effect plug-in, here is a review by Jerry Mateo from In The DAW. They take an in-depth look at the good and not so good of I2C8 and even include a music example they created with it.

Here is more information about their review.

Video review of I2C8

While I2C8 is still in beta, we have been approached by Jerry Mateo from In The DAW, a popular video blog with tutorials and reviews on music software of all sorts. They had received a number of requests for a preview of I2C8 from their community.

Having had a brief exchange with Jerry, we agreed on a video review. We supplied him with the same information that those of you how completed a pre-order of the software received, and a statement on whom I2C8 is for. No other information was delivered to remain unbiased.

The outcome is a great video review, which all of us really like as it's a good, truthful reflection of where I2C8 stands today.

Check out their video review by clicking here or watching directly above!

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