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Moving Forward: Liquid Notes now features a piano roll view for more detail on your changes

Starship Enterprise and i’s crew have always been ahead of our times. Just think of its innovative concepts for operations, live-saving controls and all these seemingly daunting interfaces at the vessel’s bridge. Not to mention Commander Spock.

Liquid Notes is no different in that sense - boldly going where no man has gone before, yet embracing established conventions to provide the best user experience possible: In this update we added a piano-roll plus further handy features to bring you some of the control options we all know from DAWs.

Breaking away from the past, adding more common features

What exactly have we added? Plenty of really useful features: the new update of Liquid Notes features a piano roll, MIDI clock sync and tempo adjustment!

And what does this mean for your music production workflow?

To start with, let's have a look at the piano roll: it provides you with detailed information on single-note level of your entire MIDI-arrangement. Any changes you apply to your arrangement in Liquid Notes you can now easily track and visually follow. Not only hear which notes have changed, but also see the changes - no matter if it’s just the sketch of a song on a single track, or a fully-blown arrangement made up of any number of tracks.

Better yet, Liquid Notes now also supports MIDI clock sync with your DAW and assures recording and playback in full sync. It's a much nicer setup with everything following your command, having no need to switch between applications. You may have to enable this feature in your DAW - read more about it in this article in our FAQs.

Last but not least, you can now adjust the tempo directly within Liquid Notes. This comes in handy when your MIDI file doesn't have any tempo information and you want to use Liquid Notes in stand-alone mode. Simply adjust the BPM-setting to your liking, and you're ready to go!

What's next? Time to get the update of Liquid Notes!

We released the free update this morning, it's now live on our website. Download it, and enjoy these new features!

If you'd like to take our songwriting assistant for a spin only, use the same link to download the software! For reactivation of trial periods get in touch at

And don't forget, Liquid Notes is available for $99 until EOY with coupon code XMAS13! Get it today before it's too late.

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