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Use the Reset button in Liquid Notes to go back to the initial chord setting

When you are working on reharmonizing chords with Liquid Notes, there is a feature that enables you to jump back to the original settings for a particular chord. That is the "Reset"-button, which sits prominently on top of the main controls.

Here is more on a full understanding of this function.

Reset button in Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes' main controls prominently feature two knobs for making changes to chords and tension, as well as a slider to alter the function of a particular chord. On top of these elements one finds the "Reset" button, which is selected by clicking on it.

All of these buttons, sliders and knobs are available for each chord detected by the algorithms when importing your MIDI arrangement.

Upon clicking the "Reset"-button, Liquid Notes jumps back to the initial chord setting as it was present after import or opening of your project: i.e. an E7 chord becomes an E7 chord again should you have made changes to it. But, it is the harmonic context of your entire arrangement which may have changed in the meanwhile by you having made changes to other parts of the arrangement which can lead to color indications being different, and even certain notes being different to adhere with this particular harmonic context.

This is because with each change you make to your MIDI arrangement, Liquid Notes completes a harmonic analysis of the entire arrangement and recalculates the new harmonic context. In this new context relationships between different chords in the arrangement may require a somewhat different setting for this particular chord, even after clicking the "Reset"-button.

Only when resetting all chords to their original state you'll find the same conditions as when you first started making modifications to the arrangement.

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