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Use the drop-down menu to see all chords available for substitution

The main control elements for chord progression management in Liquid Notes feature a drop-down menu. It shows all chords available for substitution, and gives you the quickest path to arrive at the chosen chord.

Learn more about this feature here.

Chord drop-down menu in Liquid Notes

As mentioned above, atop the main control elements - two knobs for substitution of chords and adding tension, and a slider to change the chord function - sits the chord symbol. Just to the right of it you'll find an arrow that is pointing downwards, which upon clicking it brings up the chord drop-down menu.

This menu contains all chords available for substitution for the given harmonic context of your MIDI arrangement. The chords are sorted from top to bottom in the order of most conventional on top and least conventional at the bottom. In other words, choosing from the bottom means you'll get rather unexpected results that may sound very different from the sounds you are normally used to.

The essence of the chord drop-down menu is to give the user the opportunity to let them jump directly to a chord of choice, and also show the distribution of possible chords in one overview.

Note that the availability of alternative chords may be limited by the setting "limit available chords", which acts as a filter for chords deemed as 'safe' for substitution.

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