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Liquid Notes identifies scale and scale changes in your MIDI arrangement

For some of you this may be news, for others it's known anyway. Nevertheless, it's our job to inform you on the capabilities of Liquid Notes - and, today is another feature that we are highlighting in a dedicated blog post.

Here is more on identifying the key of your arrangement, and any changes to it, in Liquid Notes.

Scale and scale changes over your entire arrangement

When opening a project in Liquid Notes a harmonic analysis is performed. This enables the software to identify the different musical elements in your MIDI arrangement with a relevance for harmony. Scale, and scale changes, are an important part of that, and will be detected by the harmonic analysis.

While there currently isn't any box or window that presents you scale and scale changes in a graphical overview stretching your arrangement, a small box at the bottom slightly off the centre to the right is labelled "Current scale". This is where the scale for the current position of the cursor on the timeline is shown.

Move the cursor around to different positions on the timeline to see the scale at that bar, or monitor the scale for any changes while your song is playing.

For more information on features of Liquid Notes see our YouTube channel.

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