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Update to adding advanced chord progression management features to Liquid Notes

We stated some months ago that we are looking into adding more features for advanced chord progression management to Liquid Notes, or a separate product that may derive from it. While the analysis of technical feasibility took a while to complete, we can now confirm that it is possible to use the technology as described then.

Here a bit more information about this topic.

Chord progression management in Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes is already built around intelligent algorithms which enables the software to read and interpret a MIDI arrangement like an expert composer. This lays the basis for chord progression management, with the software allowing you to make swift changes to chords in full alignment with music theory. It's fast, and delivers results when you need them - in the creative process when you want to sketch down some ideas only, or at a much more advanced stage of the composition process when you need to make changes to complex, nearly finished arrangements. Liquid Notes can handle it all.

However, there are things our intelligent music composition assistant can't do: namely, offering you random variation in the chords you use without you having to account for this randomization. This is essential when you want to move away from using the same chords again, as random variation often yields the same variation over the course of a few times again.

Over the past months we have looked into using a module that would allow for that, and checked its feasibility for use within the setting we operate in. This has now been confirmed as feasible, and possible from a technical point of view - yet, it does not mean it gets implemented in Liquid Notes as it may require a separate module to be developed.

How, and if, that gets done is a task for the coming months, which will also include testing the technology with a small set of users. Only then further decision can be taken on bringing this to market.

Stay tuned for updates on this thread, we'll try to be as transparent as possible about our developments.

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