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Drag & Drop your MIDI Arrangements out of Liquid Notes and onto Other Applications

There's yet another version update of Liquid Notes, now ready for you to download from our website. Included are a number of improvements for better stability and a nicer operation of the application. Among the features you requested is drag & drop of MIDI arrangements onto other applications, the file manager, or the desktop.

We've packed many more items into it. So continue reading for more information.

One-click export of MIDI arrangements in Liquid Notes

The update of Liquid Notes to version 1.5.3 gives you the same look and feel, only a button for drag & drop of your MIDI arrangements has been added.

One-click file export in Liquid Notes

This button is located on the top left next to the Quick Access Menu Buttons. It is marked with an arrow, see indication in the screenshot of Liquid Notes' user interface on the left.

Hold down on that button with your mouse for one second, which will activate the drag & drop function.

Then drag the little square that appears onto any other application, the file manager, or your desktop.

By taking your finger off the mouse or trackpad the file will be exported to the destination you chose.

This feature enables you to export files from Liquid Notes in one click only, and is meant to improve your workflow.

Explanations for functions in Settings and other improvements

The window Settings now features a link "Learn more" in the bottom left corner. Click on it to find information about each of the settings that are listed.

Explanations in settings for a better understanding of Liquid Notes

The same link is available in the track type analysis window when opening a project, providing information on the Merge Identical Chords checkbox.

There's been some confusion around the LN Live target scale selector, initially placed at the bottom right and combined with the current scale when in mode “Play”. We have eliminated that double function and moved the LN Live target scale selector into the Settings window. The current scale now only shows the automatically detected scale of fitting the respective chord at the cursor position.

We also noticed that some people reported Liquid Notes mysteriously going into “Play” and not reacting to any command if a project is open. With the help of some users, we could track this down to erroneous MIDI clock events, generated by, for example, faulty synths. Liquid Notes listens to these events if “Listen to MIDI clock” is selected in Settings. By default, we have now unchecked this function in Settings.

Empty MIDI files will now report the error message "Invalid MIDI", with instructions on how to check the MIDI file. And there are some Java libraries included with the installation package of Liquid Notes that will make sure that the installation of Java on your computer is complete.

Download the latest version of Liquid Notes now!

Enough talking. Are you just looking for the download? The update is free of charge and can be downloaded from our website. No need to uninstall any old version.

Should your trial period have expired hit the link “Re-activate trial” in the info box presented upon launch of Liquid Notes, or get in touch with us at

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