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Tutorial: How to use Liquid Notes with Native Instruments Maschine

Our friends at Tutorials for Native Instruments Massive have produced a tutorial video with information on how to use Liquid Notes with Maschine.

Find more information about it hereafter.

Working with Native Instruments Maschine

Maschine is a powerful groove production system for fast, intuitive beat making. In other words, a beautiful piece of software that allows you to create the rhythms, harmonies and melodies you are looking for - not a traditional sequencer, but much more than that.

Combine that with Liquid Notes and what you get is a highly intelligent system that enables you to create rich, unique chord progressions from scratch in an instant. To make you sound different, and leave no chord progression unchanged.

The tutorial video shows the setup process in Maschine, and how to operate it with Liquid Notes. It's simple to get going, and only takes a few minutes.

We're working on making this integration even more easier, and hope to have news for you soon!

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