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Changing Our Business Model to Becoming a Technology Provider Around Our Core Capabilities

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Re-Compose. Having spent the past years (since we launched our first product) in dealing with the distribution channel for music production software products through multiple distributors ourselves, we have now decided to go exclusive with one dealer only.

This is a necessary first step to become a technology licensing company.

Distribution channels: When we brought Liquid Notes, one of the first intelligent assistants for management of chord progressions, to market in 2011, we had no distribution network in place. Being new to the industry, with no prior experience and network therein, we had to start out ourselves with direct sales through our website – and engage the community in different ways such as discussion forums etc.

Over time, we managed to generate enough traction to be able to convince distributors to list Liquid Notes.

About twelve months after the launch of Liquid Notes, we had won over two distributors - one in Europe and another serving US/Canada, soon to be followed by another one in the UK. Each of them played a critical role in us gaining more popularity. With them, we worked hand-in-hand to get promotions out to dealers.

Major shifts in pricing: However, over the years music production software has become a race to the bottom for small players. For example, major brands would continue to throw discount after discount into the market, so that today not many days pass by when another special offer hits your inbox. This creates a lot of noise which is hard to break through or stand out from.

Although we had launched a second product in Liquid Notes for Live – a MIDI effect for Ableton Live 9 and up – and worked harder than ever, we could see the early signs of difficult times ahead. At the latest with the launch of our first VST/AU plug-ins I2C8 (a MIDI loop chord generator) and Spexx (a spectral multi-effect), it became clear that we will not be able to cut through the noise anymore and that a change is needed.

Reinventing Ourselves,
One Step at A Time

We looked at what we do best – namely, R&D for a specific technology (such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, etc. applied to music algorithms) - and who is there on the market to complement those skills. W.A. Production fits the bill for us, they are very focused on strong engagement with their community and have done a stellar job in placing products on the market. It was clear to us that we had to do things differently, namely deliver the technology and have the marketing, brand, user interface, etc. taken care of by them.

We offer our customers the transfer of their products purchased from us (or via a dealer) to W.A. Production in exchange for the rebranded products replacing ours. Our customers will gain full access to the world of W.A. Production, to a much more comprehensive portfolio of products than ours, with sample packs, plug-ins, and more to come, including the possibility of becoming part of a thriving community.

And, W.A. Production throw in their Pumper 2 plug-in for free to our customers.

For the protection of privacy, customers need to register with W.A. Production voluntarily and submit their personal data to them via a form provided by us.

Is this the end of Re-Compose? By no means! It is the start of an exciting new chapter.

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