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Trial expired message immediately upon first installation and launch of Liquid Notes

It came to our attention over the past days that a few customers reported being shown a 'trial period expired' message when installing Liquid Notes for the first time on their machine. This is abnormal behavior, as when you never installed the software before on your machine you are supposed to be granted a 20-day free trial period to test the software.

We are currently investigating this issue, only very few people are seeing this issue - for all others the software works as designed.

Find out more here if you're affected by this too.

Liquid Notes and trial period management

Our software Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live are both equipped with a license manager that is in charge of managing trial period and product activations. By default, on first installation of Liquid Notes the license manager is installed and a 20-day free trial period granted to you.

We have recently upgraded to a new version of the license manager that is compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10). However, during testing and also after many of our customers upgraded to this version of the operating system for Mac we initially haven't heard of above problem - only by last week the first reports came in, and those are not tied entirely to OS X Yosemite.

So far the anomaly only affects a handful of customers on Mac OS, we haven't heard of any such problems on Windows. When you encounter this problem it is highly likely that you cannot activate Liquid Notes as the license manager doesn't work correctly.

Should you be affected by this problem, please reach out to us at

Update (11/17): The root cause of this problem has been identified, a patch provided in version of Liquid Notes for Live. Download it directly here.

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