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A Useful Companion: Train your musical ear for harmony with Liquid Notes

We love product reviews. Seriously. They give a good reflection of where we are at, and what is missing today that may be added tomorrow as a new feature. Or, simply a bug that hasn't been fixed yet.

There is an enormous depth of information in such a review, and one can learn a lot. Here is what we took from the latest in-depth review of Liquid Notes.

Asking for honest feedback

It's one of the most important lessons: always ask for honest, straight-forward feedback. It may be hard to hear what other people think about your product or service, but better they tell you direct than you not getting a good understanding of where you are at.

We have made it our policy to ask any reviewer to give us unbiased, brutally honest feedback - it has helped us a lot making the right decisions!

Listen very carefully to what customers say

There is an awful lot that you can learn from customers or potential buyers of your product or service. Pay attention to what they say, and ask if something is not clear - people are not shy to answer questions, as long as you ask!

Share and keep them in the loop

There is so much you can do, yet communicating with your customers is the one thing you need to do on an ongoing basis. It helps them stay connected with what you do, and enables them to value your activities much more.

Just do it, don't play your cards close to your chest - if you share the right amount of information, you will get feedback early.

Back to the review of Liquid Notes

How did we do in the test? Very good - the editor liked the ease of use of the software, the innovative concept and the massive potential of harmony editing capabilities it comes with. Also, the potential of the software for future development was highlighted.

Was their critique? Yes, a number of points have been listed with detailed explanations of what the author would like to see added in updates of our software. This is great, as it allows us to learn and confirm from people in the field possible directions to head to.

Read the original product review in German on's website! No translation is available.

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