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The quest for a new generation of music and our master plan to get there

Some years ago we came across a great blog post by Elon Musk about the Secret Master Plan for Tesla Motors. What we did like about that post is how it laid out in simple ways what his business was about, how they were going to reach their overarching purpose and, most strikingly, that his plan still holds true today.

With that said, we’d like to give you an insight into our plan for Re-­Compose and assess how far we have come.

Re­-Compose’s master plan for a new generation of music

While we do not normally refer to other people's work just for the sake of quoting a popular person, we believe Elon’s post is worth a read. Judge for yourself if you’re interested. Find the link here.

Many of you will have come to know us from the work around Liquid Notes. But the story of the company started much earlier, with scientific research work by Stefan more than twenty years ago, who also happens to be the original founder of the company. His quest to find answers for the effects of music on mind and body led him on a path of many years of research in multiple domains.

The findings from that work led him to understand that the power of music hasn't been exploited for a deep functional effect yet. Most popular music today only serves the purpose of entertainment. And we unrolled in another post how earlier scientific approaches tackle rather small bits and pieces of musical effect, many with considerable significance in their own scientific and commercial regard.

This is where we come in. We have defined the overarching purpose of Re-­Compose to help push forward the translation of music from an entertainment tool to a highly dosed noninvasive digital superfood, with good reason for cautious optimism.

Doing this requires several larger steps along our path to the goal. So here is our master plan (in the style of Elon Musk):

  • Expand existing hypotheses and models and conduct research in the domains of psychology, informatics and music production to reinforce the before ­mentioned,
  • Develop intelligent music algorithms for the real-­time rearrangement of music, and create first product around them for professional music producers,
  • Use that money to create functional music that adapts to a listener's emotional state via biofeedback, starting with performance enhancement at work, sports and games,
  • Use that money to fund research for therapeutic applications. Such could be a noninvasive treatment of ADHD, memory breakdown, or depression,
  • While doing all the above, provide tools and knowledge to create a better understanding of the effects of music to music producers and the scientific community.

This should exemplify that we have already delivered on the first two items, and that lots of the work over the past 18 months has centered strongly around functional music. Much of that work has not been visible to you as it is not a product in a mature enough state to hit the market yet. But a good number of studies have been conducted and results will be published not before long. We should also be able to provide more insight into this new product based on functional music soon.

Most importantly, for those of you who have helped come along this far and helped us do it, have a look at the last statement in the master plan. Liquid Notes is and remains an important piece of the puzzle. So expect us to continuously improve it and gradually include more educational features.

We see the world fit for a novel science at the intersection of music psychology and neuroscience. And, we are proud that you're with us on this journey to explore a new music universe.

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