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The Liquid Notes Xmas Special Offer: Get Liquid Notes for another 30% off until EOY

Xmas is approaching soon, and we'd like to say thanks for your support and feedback that we received over the year.

To celebrate this you can now purchase Liquid Notes at a special Xmas discount of 30% off the special introductory price. Valid until January 3, 2013.

Our Xmas Special Offer.

We aim to make great music software, and we can't do this without your continuous support and feedback. After all, it is you more than anyone else who judge us for our creativity, easy of use, quality, and customer support.

Liquid Notes Xmas Special Offer

Today we want to say thank you for the trust you have shown in us this past year and give some of it back via our Xmas special offer: get a 30% discount off the special introductory price of Liquid Notes until January 3, 2013. Use promo code XMAS2012 at checkout.

The discount will be applied after you have been transferred to our payment provider PayPal.

A free upgrade to version 2.0.

Those of you who purchased Liquid Notes in the past six weeks are eligible for a free upgrade to version 2.0, which is the major upgrade of Liquid Notes scheduled for the second half of 2013. Those who are eligible will receive a confirmation email in the next days!

Among the many new features directly resulting from your feedback and new ideas, the most important aspect of Liquid Notes 2.0 will be the addition of the manipulation of the overall aspects of compositions and arrangements (e.g. instrumental accompaniments, melody creation, song form, etc.).

Customers who purchase Liquid Notes now, and anyone who purchased our software in the past, will receive a special upgrade offer. No details have been settled yet.

Fixing known problems.

We are making every effort to develop excellent software. However, minor issues pop up occasionally and are then fixed instantly.

To stay up to date on the latest software from us either subscribe to our newsletter or activate the auto-update feature in the "Connecting to the Internet" section of the general settings in Liquid Notes.

More relevant content for you.

We have started delivering relevant content from our blog article series about "The Optimal Music Experience" and "Features of Liquid Notes Explained" to you. We hate spam as much as you do. So if you don't find any relevant content for you, please let us know us or unsubscribe.

Many of you have contacted us to write about their experience with our intelligent composing assistant, i.e. showcasing how they use Liquid Notes in their music production workflow. We appreciate the efforts of these individuals a lot, and want to say a big thanks!

Do you want to write about your experience with Liquid Notes, as well? Or would you have some interesting stories about our music production tool to share? Please contact us at

Update: We have moved the deadline for the Xmas Special Offer from December 31, 2012 to January 3, 2013.

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