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Explosion of EDM: Adding creativity back into music with Liquid Notes

In an interview with TechZulu, a popular tech blog from Southern California, we sat down and talked about the explosion of electronic dance music (EDM). With strong growth in the industry fueled by EDM, it appears that much of the music sounds the same.

It is exactly there where Liquid Notes comes in to give you a helping hand when making music, adding creativity back into the music production process.

Electronic music is everywhere

There certainly isn't any doubt about that. EDM really has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past years, with festivals and events popping up on every corner of our globe. For example, the Amsterdam Dance Event started only some years ago and is now among the biggest (if not the biggest) festival of its kind in the world.

DJs you hadn't heard about just a short while ago are now absolutely hip, maxing out on the opportunities presented. The shift in the industry has happened fast, and with it has the level of quality. Yet it is the latter that sees a parallel movement, with more of the same being created. People use the same tools all over, and output is maximized.

It is these tools, and a lack of education or training in music, that cause that effect: a flat musical world producing uniform sounds rather than a spurring creativity.

Adding creativity back to making music

Step into Liquid Notes then, and enter a different realm: thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, creativity has been added back into music making again. Musicians are now able to apply complex harmonic changes to a song easily and with only little training required. So they make their songs stand out from the status quo.

What’s more, it puts the user back in control: Rather than using off-the-shelf clips which you can't adjust, Liquid Notes enables you to produce your very own song style and adjust it in every so little aspect you desire. It's like receiving a completely new set of miraculous brushes to paint new and different pictures.

Will Liquid Notes save music from becoming all the same? Read the original article on TechZulu, and find some answers there.

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