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The World of Harmony in a Box: The boxed version of Liquid Notes is here

Liquid Notes is now available as boxed version

Many of you have been asking for a boxed version of Liquid Notes. Today we are releasing just that for you. So you can safely store your copy of our intelligent music production tool at home now.

Launching a new product is exciting, and so is this. With the boxed version of Liquid Notes, we wanted to give you a beautiful piece of art that stands out from the mass of music software.

Consequently, we added the typical Liquid Notes color mix to it, with the logo centrally gleaming from the front.

About the Liquid Notes Box

Liquid Notes is not only an intelligent music producer tool, but also a synonym for creativity and your musical expression. It lets you try out new ideas within the vast framework of chords and scales and delivers suggestions not interfering with your style or emotional message.

Precisely that potential of creativity and the removal of boundaries in music composition is what the inside of the box reflects: a beautifully crafted colorful CD-ROM bearing the Liquid Notes logo.

This goes with product sheets in English and German.

We want to provide you with a unique experience when using our music software. And that also extends to the design and the utmost care for details we have paid attention to when developing our box for Liquid Notes.

Liquid Notes in a Box is an eye-appeal. We hope you’ll like it!

Purchase the Liquid Notes Box today!

Liquid Notes allows you to produce music on a professional level on par with professionals. Create sophisticated harmonic movements and melody lines which are essential for great music, with ease and efficiency.

To purchase Liquid Notes in a Box, simply hit the "buy"-button on our website and select "Liquid Notes (boxed version)" in the checkout process.

Deliveries are made worldwide (find out more in our support forum), a standard surcharge applies for shipping. You will receive an email notification with your license code immediately after completing the purchase. This way, you can download Liquid Notes and start using it without having to wait until delivery is complete.

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