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Testing of I2C8 is well on the way, now preparing for even more testing

The development of I2C8 (chord generator) and Spexx (audio effects plug-in) is progressing well. A large number of items of the testing roadmap has been completed already, with the focus now on the final steps before delivery of the software.

Here are the details about it.

Beta testing is progressing well

Since the announcement of pre-orders for I2C8 some three weeks ago, there has been a lot of positive feedback and good ideas from the community. Equally, a lot of work was completed to bring the software onto a mature status. This included testing on different operating systems and hardware configurations, with multiple versions of the software having been tested.

One of the main points identified is insufficient clarity about the principle of the I2C8 plug-in, namely its chord generation engine and the limitation on triad logic. This has been addressed in a specific post, which is available here.

The next step in the testing process is extensive testing of the new license management system. The implementation of the offline activation process (via our website) has been implemented in principle but requires fine-tuning to prevent misunderstandings and wrong use by customers.

Over the next weeks, we'll gradually increase the number of people able to test the plug-in in our standard procedure before the rollout of the software.

As is today, the software will be ready for delivery by end of October.

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