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When working with the standalone version of Liquid Notes, adjust the tempo for playback

With the standalone version of Liquid Notes there are some features unique to it. One of those addons in this version is the ability to change the tempo of playback directly in Liquid Notes, so you can hear how each change reflects on your arrangement even at different tempo.

This article sheds more light on how to use this feature.

Tempo adjustment in Liquid Notes

With the change of the user interface of Liquid Notes a little while ago we also created some space for new additions. One of such additions is the tempo adjustment button, which allows you to control the playback speed directly in Liquid Notes.

This is a major benefit for you when working in Liquid Notes: you control the tempo directly where it should be, and thereby have a possibility to see how each change to your chord progressions sounds at different tempo. It gives you more possibilities to play around with, and see what is best for you.

To change the playback tempo, simply click in the field and adjust its value. Then click on Play upon which this new value will be used by our software for playing back your arrangement. Of course this works when connected to your DAW and playing through its virtual instruments, as well as when using the built-in synthesizer.

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