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Templates in Liquid Notes help you make the first steps with harmony

The standalone version of Liquid Notes contains a number of templates for you to select when making the first steps with the software and with harmony. They allow you to experiment with musical examples of various styles and with major or minor chords in different keys.

Learn more about those templates, and where to find them in Liquid Notes.

Selecting templates in Liquid Notes

Templates are only available in the standalone version of Liquid Notes. They can be accessed via the menu by selecting “Load template”. That will open a dialog box that presents a range of options to select templates. In the upper half of the window musical examples in different styles are shown, whereas in the lower half major or minor chords can be selected. For such basic chord templates you may also select the key for experiments on a broader melodic scale.

After you have selected a template click on OK for the user interface of Liquid Notes to display the with their harmonic properties. There you can proceed to make changes to the templates, record them to your DAW, or export them for later use.

For beginners in music theory those templates represent a good starting point to advance further in harmony. Any change you make to a chord is immediately audible. Such changes of notes can be monitored on the piano roll that provides a clear overview of the arrangement.

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