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Talking about music that gives you superpowers at Eurobest 2015

Taking place on December 1-3, 2015, in Antwerp, Belgium, Eurobest is the festival of European creativity and dives deep into music. Its aim is to bring together "the continent's varied cultures and vibrant communities to inspire learning, interaction, debate, and a healthy dose of competition."

That's pretty wicked, to say the least. And, better yet, we've partnered with Los Angeles based Musikvergnuegen to speak on music that gives you superpowers.

"Imagine: Music Gives You Superpowers" at Eurobest 2015

Musikvergnuegen and Re-Compose talk about Music Gives You Superpowers at Eurobest 2015

The Eurobest festival will bring together a number of high-class, inspiring speakers from different industries. And, an equally great amount of visitors from copywriters, art workers, digital wizards and some of the leading brands. Together, they learn from each other and inspire one another.

You may start to question now what this has to do with us, so we'd like to give you the answers immediately rather than fuzzing around: much of the work that we have done in the background over the past years centers around music, and how to create an optimal experience through it. This culminates in a new product we talked about earlier, and also how our master plan as a company looks like.

Having given an outlook on the beginnings of mental clarity and meaningfulness at TEDx San Francisco, we believe it's time now to talk about music giving superpowers. For this we have partnered with Walter Werzowa, the founder of Musikvergnuegen who is an audio branding guru. It is him who created the Intel, LG and Samsung mnemonics, to name just a few of his works. And it is him who understands deeply the power of music.

Walter and Stefan will run two sessions at 10:30am and 2:30pm on December 2, 2015. Join us there to attend the discussion round, or place your comments directly below the article in the comments section!

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