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Summer sale with 30% off on all Re-Compose products

We’re bringing you a one-off summer sale at Re-Compose. All our products are discounted by 30% until June 25, 2019.

Read on to find out more.

Summer sale

While we don’t engage in sales campaigns often, we thought the introduction of our first major updates for I2C8 and Spexx warrant a special offer. Thus, as of today, all our products are discounted by 30% off the regular sales price.

For those of you not familiar with our prices, find the comparison here:

  • Spexx (now €49 instead of €69): BUY
  • I2C8 (now €45 instead of €59): BUY
  • Liquid Notes (now €99 instead of €139): BUY
  • Liquid Notes for Live (now €55 instead of €79): BUY

Clicking on any of the above links takes you directly to the checkout page at Paypal. The discount will be applied automatically. The product description contains “EDU” to highlight the discounted price.

The offer is valid until June 25, 2019. After that, the links above are no longer valid.

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