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It’s Finally Here: Liquid Notes for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Enables you to create better music

Screenshot of Liquid Notes

After more than 2 years of development we are happy to tell you that Liquid Notes is finally coming to your computer. You can download it from our website starting November 15, 2011.

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” Neil Armstrong radioed when setting foot on the moon as the first human in 1969.

With over twenty years of academic research, more than two years of development of complex mathematical algorithms, and a whole lot of testing by music composers we believe we have good reason to finally bring the next generation music production software to your computer!

Start making great music today

Liquid Notes is the first of a new generation of music composition tools developed by Recompose. The software allows for an intelligent intervention with the harmonic structure of a MIDI composition via sequencer software or in standalone mode.

It puts the knowledge of generations of classical composers right at your fingertips. Advanced harmony analysis and chord progression management within a powerful application will change the way you think about your music.

Change complex harmony, and perform live

Liquid Notes allows everyone to alter complex harmony in multi-track songs, and to perform live and flawlessly via a MIDI instrument or computer keyboard in a very simple way. It can be used at any time during your production. From new ideas to final mastering, Liquid Notes will support you with your projects.

You do not have to be a professional composer, nor do you have to have extensive knowledge in music theory. Liquid Notes is an intelligent instrument helping you with your music.

Perform live to your composition and have LN Live generate correct notes only. Place the chords and use our music software to deliver fresh ideas to turn your song into something special. Liquid Notes refines your composition and increases the listening experience.

Download your personal 30-day trial version of Liquid Notes.

Making Liquid Notes better

We are carefully listening to your feedback, and everyday we work hard to improve Liquid Notes. We will continue to include all those nice features that you request. Be patient though, keeping an interface small and simple is no simple task, but it is of utter importance to us. New things are being worked on and will be released in good time.

For us, one of the most crucial improvements lies in the development of a version of Liquid Notes for the iPad and iPhone. However, bear with us that a release window cannot be set yet.

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