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Spexx is now available for download – the software was released today

It's been many months since our first audio effects plug-in has been in development, so today we're particularly proud that we're finally able to release it. Needless to say that it's a big day for us, just a few days before Xmas.

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Generate unique spectral effects

Spexx Interactive Spectral Manipulation

Spexx is based on a fundamental spectral freeze that makes it unique. This is combined with two processing stages and seven individual effect for modular, highly interactive spectral manipulation of an audio signal. It gives you ample opportunities to throw sound at it and create unique soundscapes that have never been heard before.

The software has recently seen the implementation of the final user interface and many improvements to performance and stability. It runs stable and with a low CPU load even at higher spectral resolution settings due to multithreading, despite a considerable amount of signal processing. The now state-of-the-art user interface rounds it off, creating an enjoyable experience while working with the plug-in. Click here for more information.

Version 1.0.0 of the software is available for download today. The plug-in is delivered in the VST/AU format (details can be found on the product page), an installer is not yet included, but will be added shortly. AAX (for Pro Tools users) is not supported yet, but we're already looking into it.

Demo mode

A demo is available as a separate mode when launching the plug-in (full version).

All features for spectral manipulation can be used, however, the audio output is interrupted every few seconds when in demo mode.

Download now

As with all our other products, the software can be downloaded from our Download page.

Enter your details there to retrieve the download link for Spexx.

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