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Spexx and I2C8 will be discontinued by the end of the year

As announced earlier and stated on our website, we are in the middle of completing the transfer of our products to W.A. Production. Starting with the end of the year, the first products, I2C8 and Spexx, will be discontinued.

Read on to find out more.

Product transfer

Each of these VST/AU plug-ins has seen its successor product launched under the label W.A. Production: Venom replaces Spexx (spectral multi-effect plug-in) and MIDIQ replaces I2C8 (MIDI chord loop generator). Both products are available exclusively at W.A. Production and Plugin Boutique as of today. They feature an updated user interface and they are branded differently.

Owners of these products have been offered a free trade-in to receive a license for the successor product in exchange for transferring their data to W.A. Production. This is a necessity under EU data protection law. We are not allowed to share your data with a third party. Those of you who have already completed the process will find the licenses added to their account with W.A. Production.

Activation failed

By the end of the year, only Venom and MIDIQ will continue to exist and receive updates and bug fixing continuously, whereas Spexx and I2C8 will be discontinued.

You will not be able to activate either Spexx or I2C8 from the beginning of next year. With a reduced staffing schedule ahead for the people at W.A. Production and us, we advise you to complete the product transfer in time (click here) so that you can start using the successor products immediately, without interruption.

Liquid Notes stays unaffected by such changes, for now. Information on future plans for that product to follow shortly.

[Update]: We have decided for a gradual discontinuation. As of Jan 21, 2020, the number of maximum activations allowed per license will be reduced to one only for Spexx and I2C8. This will be followed by full discontinuation of these products by February 13.

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