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Special offers around Liquid Notes during the Xmas period

With Christmas being only a few days away, it is time to inform you on the special offers around Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live during this period. This is to make sure you get a fair chance to pick up our intelligent music composition assistant at the right price.

Here is more on the deals we prepared for you.

Liquid Notes Xmas special offers

As in previous years, it is our aim to serve you with a limited number of special offers for you to have a go at adding Liquid Notes to your stack of music production software. To do this, we have arranged for a mix of options rather than a simple price reduction: e.g. Plugin Boutique will offer Liquid Notes as part of a bundle specifically prepared for Xmas, whereas Best Service pairs it in a special section of timely limited discounted products.

Other resellers overseas have similar offers in their catalogue, and will bring those forward in the days before Xmas.

As always, have a look at each of our reseller partners to find the deal that fits best with you. Find the list of resellers here.

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