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Special Offer for Customers of Liquid Notes to Buy Liquid Notes for Live at A Reduced Price

With the launch of the MIDI effect of Liquid Notes for Ableton Live, it is time to reward those customers who purchased Liquid Notes in the past and expressed their trust in us. We have created a special offer for the new Liquid Notes for Live that will improve your work in Ableton Live.

Ready to get started with the new Liquid Notes for Live? Here is how you can receive your special offer for the MIDI effect of Liquid Notes.

Liquid Notes for Live in a few words

Liquid Notes for Live is a MIDI effect for Ableton Live that brings the powerful harmony & melody editing capabilities of Liquid Notes directly into Live. With the Max for Live interface, the MIDI effect behaves similarly to a plug-in. Changes by Liquid Notes are instantaneously applied to clips in Live. By a click of a button, you can modify the harmonic progression of your scene, just as if an expert composer would sit next to you and give you advise--just as you are used to by the standalone version of Liquid Notes. Yet, now it all happens directly in the DAW.

This article on our website provides more information.

Details of the special offer for Liquid Notes for Live

We would like to say a big thank you to all of you who purchased a license for Liquid Notes in the past, no matter if directly from us or from a distributor / reseller. We see it as your support for what we do, at the same time helping us to make our products better. It's the trust that you show us that we would like to return.

For customers who purchased Liquid Notes at different prices, we have decided to split the special offer in two segments: customers who paid full price and those who bought it at a discount (includes EDU purchases). To the former, we offer Liquid Notes for the price of EUR29 / USD29, for the latter for EUR49 / USD49.

The special price offer is valid until March 16, 2014. Licenses are nontransferrable. All prices in euros include 20% VAT. All prices in US dollars are without sales tax.

For comparison, the standard price for Liquid Notes for Live is EUR 79 / USD 89.

Retrieving the special offer for Liquid Notes for Live

Customers who wish to make use of the special price offer are asked to make a request with us at before the end of the offer. If you didn’t buy Liquid Notes directly from us, please include your license code and attach a copy of the purchase confirmation email by the distributor or reseller you bought it from.

After we have checked our database, you will receive an email with instructions from us on how to complete the purchase. Processing may take from 3 to 5 business days.

Meanwhile, should you wish to test Liquid Notes for Live, you may download the software from our website and enjoy a free 20-day trial period.

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