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Special Xmas deals around Liquid Notes now available at your local dealer

With Christmas approaching fast it is time to inform you on a number of special deals we have agreed to with resellers of our chord progression management software. These deals become active at or around December 15, 2015.

Find here more on the different deals and where to get them.

Get your Xmas deal for Liquid Notes

We ventured out in some new territories last year when we tried a number of rather unusual deals for Liquid Notes. These turned out rather successful, showing us that customers are interested in a range of options that give them more value rather than when buying our intelligent music production tool alone.

Hence, we have concluded for this year to stick to this additional level of flexibility and craft deals of similar value. With that said, Best Service and Plugin Boutique are both offering a bundle offer in combination with other popular DAWs, notation software and plugins.

Dealers in the US and Canada have been informed about the possibility of bundling up our software too, with such deals expected to be available on an individual basis. Alternatively, you will find a 30% reduced price with these resellers.

As always, should you not be able to find a deal at your preferred local dealer reach out to us and we will match the price. The deals expire by end of the year.

Find the list of dealers that sell Liquid Notes on this page.

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