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Special deal at Best Service gives you Liquid Notes for free

Best Service has a killer deal in store for those of you looking to get their hands onto Liquid Notes. Offer available until end of October.

Here is more on this deal.

Buy €200 or more and get Liquid Notes for free

Best Service is our distributor in Germany, who also offers products to buy directly from them on the web. They're known for excellent service and are always open to discuss some innovative new thinking with us.

This open mindedness has led us to offering a special deal with them: when you order gear or software worth at least €200 or more, you can add Liquid Notes to your shopping cart and get it for free.

When doing this, please use coupon code LN4FREE to validate the free purchase of our intelligent chord progression management software. Failure to do this will add the full price of Liquid Notes to your shopping cart, so don't forget to complete this step!

The deal is valid until end of October, and can be accessed directly on the Best Service website.

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