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Melody Maker 4 Live Bundle now available at Plugin Boutique

Just a few days before Black Friday, and we have a special deal for you. Plugin Boutique are bringing Liquid Notes for Live in a bundle with three other great pieces of music production software. So you can create some exciting pieces of music, and get inspired for some new directions in your songs.

All of that in a time-limited offer, and only at Plugin Boutique.

Melody Maker 4 Live Bundle

This bundle is only $82.95 and contains this software and sample packs: Liquid Notes for Live, Beats AutoTheory Pro (by Mozaik), Random Riff Generator Pro (by Audiomodern) and The Chord Collection (by Frontline Producer). The combination of these four will enable you to dive deep into mastering the melody.

The deal is available as of now, and runs only for a few days. You can find the deal directly at Plugin Boutique's deals section.

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