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Simple and hassle free license management without any USB dongles in Liquid Notes

Have you noticed one key difference in Liquid Notes? Our intelligent chord progression management software is coming with a simple, yet efficient license management solution that requires no USB dongles and just works. It really does so, and we're proud of that fact.

Find out more about license management systems in this article.

State-of-the-art license management software for ease of use

License management systems have had their fair share over the years in driving users of music software, and beyond, nuts. They are complicated, often don't work and cause major headaches to developers and customers alike when things go wrong.

From a developer's perspective the aim is to get a good solution that is easy to use for the customer, while at the same time safe against piracy. There has been much controversy in the past over cracked software, however the truth is that license management services are expensive to develop - or, to purchase. The true cost of such services, often in the thousands of Dollars, is hidden in the purchasing price of the software, with customers being left in the dark about it.

In Liquid Notes we have opted for a software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) that comes with a client installed on your machine, and an online database for management of client activations and product setup. This provides flexibility for us in making the most out of the service, and simplicity for our customers: you don't have to download a separate trial version of Liquid Notes, instead the license manager grants you a 20 day free trial automatically upon first installation of the software.

More than that, activation of the software requires entering a license key only. No USB dongle required, and no complex fuzzing around with the latter or having to await its arrival by mail as you first have to purchase it.

Overall, Liquid Notes provides a simple, hassle free solution that is best in class for license management.

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