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Rediscover Loops

Making creative exploration of loop-based structures in music production highly interactive and fun

Screenshot of the I2C8 user interface

Explanations: (A) Pattern definition area, (B) Simplified piano roll display, (C) Sequence variant switch, (D) Chord trigger selector, (E) Key selection, (F) Out-of-key chords selector, (G) Pitch control (average register), (H) Drag-to-host and (I) Number of chords playing.

I2C8 features a unique, playful method for the exploration of loops (compared to more traditional approaches in music theory). Below, we explain the principle underlying the software and provide an outline of respective features.

The first generation of the plug-in is primarily aimed at, but not limited to, producers of loop-based, beat-driven, bass-heavy genres, that are dominated by triad logic, which is supported by the plug-in. Future versions of the software may incorporate more complex chord types.

Understanding the needs of different people when working with this plug-in within its designed context is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we invite you to share your feedback with us.

Important information:

All customers who pre-ordered I2C8 have received the beta version. *

The software is nearly ready. Detailed information is provided with the download package. Tell us about performance issues, app crashes, usability, features, and anything else you'd like to see improved or added.

Use the comments section on this page or email us to share your feedback and ideas.

*: The license code for activation of the software is provided after completion of the pre-order purchase. An Internet connection is required for activation; offline activation and trial mode (demo) are not available yet.

A New MIDI-effect Plug-in,
Supporting a Creative Workflow

I2C8 generates several thousands of chord sequences each time you are adding a chord, making changes to a parameter, or manually editing a chord.

The generated chord sequences are ranked by a statistical model based on machine learning methods.

The user interface, as is today, limits the presentation of these chord sequences to a duration of 8 chords per sequence and offers the user 9 different variants to choose from.

Supporting longer chord sequences is theoretically possible, but currently not foreseen. This would require changes to the user interface and create several complexities in the interaction with MIDI controllers.

Currently, only major and minor chords following triad logic are supported. Adding chord qualities for use in EDM, pop, etc. (e.g. "sus") is under consideration.

Applying rhythms from a database to arrangements is being analyzed. This would enable you to alter the rhythm without you having to make those changes manually in your DAW.

Synchronisation and data exchange between multiple plug-ins when working on a song has yet to be developed. This function would work with multiple instances of I2C8 and other plug-ins (that may be developed in the future).

VST 3 will be ready either at the launch of the plug-in or shortly thereafter. No decision has been made regarding the support of AAX.

Tighter integration with MIDI controllers (e.g. Ableton Push, Native Instruments Maschine), such as MIDI Mappings etc., is being discussed.

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