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The Basics: Set Up Routing in Logic to Work with Liquid Notes

Some of you have been asking for a video tutorial to properly set up routing in Apple Logic to work smoothly with Liquid Notes.

Today we have published such a video tutorial that guides you step-by-step through the setup process.

Setting up Logic using the setup wizard

Our intelligent composing assistant comes with an automatic setup wizard that detects most of the settings that are needed to make Liquid Notes work smoothly with any sequencer. However, Logic - due to the abundance of features coming with it - occasionally shows an unexpected reaction when a setting has been changed by the user that is not part of our auto-detection mechanism of the wizard.

To make sure you get the most out of Logic and Liquid Notes, we have recorded this step-by-step guide on setting it up correctly.

Please make sure you take time to read the instructions on the last page of the automatic setup wizard of Liquid Notes, as this is where most users fail to adapt the settings in Logic accordingly! Find additional information about routing and settings in the Liquid Notes user manual.

As always, if you need help just reach out to our customer support - we're happy to assist you!

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