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Set tracks to solo or mute in the Instrument Settings in Liquid Notes

In Liquid Notes the instrument settings panel gives you the possibility to set tracks to solo or mute. This comes in useful if you are interested in how only certain tracks sound, or want to manage chord progressions when only taking in feedback from particular tracks.

Here is more information on this feature.

Set track to solo or mute in Liquid Notes

At any time you want to make changes your MIDI arrangement in Liquid Notes, you may also want to see how your song sounds when only playing a few of the tracks in it. Or, perhaps only one track at all.

When a project has been opened in Liquid Notes, you can open the Instrument Settings to solo or mute a track. To do this, click on the quick menu item for the Instrument Settings or select menu Settings > Instrument settings.

This will bring up the Instrument Settings window, at which checkboxes "Solo" and "Mute" are presented for each track. Click on any of the "Solo" boxes to play only this track, or select which of the tracks you want to mute.

Changes to these settings are applied immediately, also during playback.

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