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Track view in Liquid Notes lets you see all instruments and chords at one go

The user interface of Liquid Notes puts an emphasis on showing just the information you need for as little distraction as possible. Knowing how your arrangement is built up and when an instrument is active is one of those things that help you manage chord progressions swiftly.

Here is more on this particular feature of our intelligent chord progression management assistant.

Track view for an instant glance at your arrangement

With the first iteration of Liquid Notes some years ago we kept the user interface very lean. Too lean, in fact, it turned out. Users would get lost without a visual clue, not knowing where they are in their arrangement when scrolling through it in Liquid Notes.

This we corrected in a major update of Liquid Notes that featured a track view and piano roll right inside our software. The track view becomes visible once you open a MIDI arrangement in Liquid Notes, and immediately provides a full overview of your chords and all instruments in it. Also, it shows the section of the arrangement being selected.

Each chord, and its corresponding chord symbol, is show in track view. This enables you to know precisely where you are in your arrangement at any given moment. Instruments are shown as active in track view, providing you with an additional clue at which passage you need to focus on when making changes to chords in Liquid Notes.

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