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Screen mirroring on MacBook Pro Retina garbles Liquid Notes' user interface

We've identified a problem related to screen mirroring on devices with a Retina display. Whenever you enable this feature on your MacBook Pro, the user interface of Liquid Notes becomes unusable: there's some black, pink and white lines running vertically through the screen.

This is limited to MacBook Pro's with Retina displays only, and only if in mode screen mirroring.

Screen mirroring on MacBook Pro Retina

We had heard from a customer earlier about a problem of the Liquid Notes' user interface being sifted by lines of black, pink and white running from top to bottom.

Screen mirroring on MacBook Pro Retina causes Liquid Notes' user interface to be garbled.

While at first this looked like a problem of a damaged monitor, we have now been able to confirm that this is a result of using the screen mirroring function of a MacBook Pro with Retina display. I.e. the problem is only related to Retina devices, and only if in screen mirroring. The model, brand or settings you use with external monitor seem not to affect this behavior - it looks like this may be related to a problem with the driver of the graphics card on your MacBook Pro.

We are currently investigating this issue, and will update on it shortly. Meanwhile, you can use Liquid Notes normally on a MacBook Pro Retina with screen mirroring off.

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