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Science and Research at Re-Compose

Science and Research

Within the domains of psychology, informatics, and commercial music production, Re-Compose tackles the creation and experience of music from various, partly uncommon angles. Areas of focus include altered states of consciousness such as trances, ecstasy, and peak experiences, all of which exceed conventional affective highs significantly.

Music is a powerful means to transcend the threshold of our conventional awareness of reality towards those intense states and to unleash and augment the individual human potential, both physical and mental. With its research, Re-Compose aims to build a bridge towards a comprehensive quantification of an optimal experience of music and its strong beneficial effects on body and mind.

We focus on applications in the following fields:

  • Music production and live performances
  • Sports and high-performance athletics
  • Support in everyday activities
  • Medical and therapeutic

Current Partnerships

Re-Compose works in partnership with Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, a private university specializing in Psychotherapy Science and Scientific Psychology. An ongoing study with students and members of the scientific staff focuses on the general psychophysiological influence as well as individual experience of repetitive bass tones with high sound power in electronic dance music. Similar cooperative studies deal with further effects of electronic music.

Alongside leading European university institutions and private research facilities in the field of computer learning and cognition, Re-Compose is one of the six consortium members of the three-year research project, Learning to Create (Lrn2Cre8), funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission (FP7). Learning to Create aims to understand the relationship between learning and creativity by means of practical engineering, theoretical study, and cognitive comparison, with music as the domain. The team work towards devising new methods for the evaluation of creative behavior in machines and humans, and to apply them, comparatively, to creative processes and outputs of the project, one output being advanced AI algorithms for the analysis and generation of music. Re-Compose holds the role of "Industrial Interface", conceptualizing and realizing marketable products derived from the technical developments of the project.

Listed below are our research partners: