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Schedule for the relaunch of the successor products by W.A. Production

With the transfer of our products to W.A. Production in full swing, a number of people have asked questions as to when the successor products become available. And, where they can download those.

Find out more in this article.

Successor products by W.A. Production

As communicated in an earlier post, this is a gradual transition with each of our existing products re-launched separately under the label "W.A. Production". As such, the products undergo a transformation that starts with an analysis of changes to the user interface, the logic of interactions therein, etc. - which, depending on the severity of the changes needed, may result in substantial rework.

For I2C8 this process has been completed already, with only subtle changes to the user interface made. It is now available as MIDIQ from W.A. Production and Plugin Boutique, see our other post on the re-launch of this VST/AU plug-in.

Spexx is next in line, with the relaunch now imminent. This spectral effects plug-in will feature more extensive changes to the user interface, requiring more work by us to complete the relaunch exercise.

Liquid Notes is the furthest out, with information to follow by the end of the year only. This is because some major rework of the user interface may be required to make it more accessible to a wider target group.

License codes for the successor products are assigned to your W.A. Production account after the relaunch of each product, granted you have transferred your product via the product transfer form on our website.

Download information find directly with W.A. Production.

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