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A Great Review: "Works brilliantly, particularly with electronic music. Easy to use."

MusicRadar gave Liquid Notes a thorough look, and concluded that our songwriting assistant software succeeds in enabling deep harmonic manipulation of MIDI arrangements. Moreover, the reviewer was positively surprised by the software's musical approach and impressive results.

As always, it didn't just stop there. Here's a summary of the review by their product specialists.

MIDI-based, chord and harmony suggestion software

Clicking on the box to the left of the article on MusicRadar's website labelled "Buy similar products" makes you realize there isn't any. And that's the starting point of the product review of Liquid Notes - songwriting assistant software, based on an intelligent analysis engine, there aren't any today. Except for our software.

So, what is it that the reviewers of MusicRadar got impressed by? The ease of use of the software, offering "a controllable range of alternatives to all the chords and harmonies in an arrangement, be it just a sketch or a full-on track." combined with providing usable results that fit particularly well with electronic music. Liquid Notes doesn't throw out anything particularly complex (when limiting the available chords in settings), which "probably makes it more relevant to the more grounded harmonic approach of electronic music".

Beyond the above, what the reviewers noted is that chords in Liquid Notes are connected, thanks to the software's intelligent analysis engine. It is this that allows even a beginner with little knowledge of harmony to make extensive and complex changes to his/her MIDI arrangement. And it works brilliantly, according to them.

An important fact covered by the MusicRadar people is that even though Liquid Notes very much wants to be a MIDI plugin, this "clearly isn't possible given that there's no standard cross-platform format for such things".

The original article can be found on MusicRadar's website. Enjoy reading it!

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