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Rethinking the music theory course and lessons learned from the discussion with you

Ever since presenting an outline for a music theory course in harmony, and in particular chord progression, we haven't stood still. To the contrary, we have spent a lot of time analyzing your feedback, speaking to people about other courses they took and slowly gathered a good understanding for what it is that you ask for.

Here's an update on where we stand today, and what is next.

Rethinking a music theory course from the ground up

The one thing in your feedback, and also the information we gathered from other people, that stood out was plainly visible: all too often the courses on music theory are a lot about the theory itself, and lack a hands-on approach to keep the user entertained. That quickly results in the user dropping out of the class, as he/she gets bored and doesn't want to go through endless amount of material.

So, by taking a deep look at that we had to rethink if our very own suggestion isn't too much an effort into that direction. And that's most probably a yes, as it had been orientated along the lines drawn of a book by a friend of ours. That is not to say Gary is wrong, not at all - his work is great, and valid all the while. However, the feedback you provided is not so much in learning the theory but much more how to get results quickly.

We think a different approach is needed to come up to that demand. And that's what we have been tinkering with for a while over the past months. It's not ready yet to be presented to you, but at least we have some solid ideas now on how to deliver on that.

An update on this is going to be shared with you before end of the year. By the end we should have another outline ready, or if not the course laid out pretty well.

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