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Crowdsourcing of Product Development

We are committed to investing in our community of users continuously, and do post information on activities around product development here.

Plug-In Software & Loops

Designing a new user interface for Liquid Notes

Putting you in the driver seat, we're empowering you to create a new user interface for Liquid Notes that provides more educational value and more familiarity with DAWs. So you get more out of our software, and feel at home when working with it.

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Learning music theory with Liquid Notes

Together with you, we're creating a unique course on learning music theory with Liquid Notes. The aim is to provide you with an interactive course using the latest in media technologies to enable you to better understand the beauty of harmonic theory, and Liquid Notes.

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Creating a new tool for exploration of loops

Following the lead of previous campaigns, we’re looking at a new MIDI-effect plugin featuring a different way to explore loops. It comes with an innovative layout for chord sequence generation, and is a direct result of the one feature you requested most.

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Turning the company into a technology provider

Advanced music technology has always been at the heart of what we do. Today we take this a step further, stopping all sales of products and becoming a provider of advanced music algorithms (based on Artifical Intelligence, machine learning, etc).

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