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Removal of Java in Liquid Notes 2 and other relevant information

We announced earlier today that a successor to Liquid Notes is in the works. It brings a suite of new functionalities, amongst them intelligent chord generation and advanced features for reharmonization.

An important fact for many is discontinuation of the use of Java.

No use of Java in Liquid Notes 2

Development of Liquid Notes 2 started by mid of the year, and follows work previously done to identify the possibilities around integration of a specific piece of technology supplied by a partner. We covered that extensively in previous posts on our blog.

The major undertaking for us at the start of the product development cycle is porting the code base from Java to C/C++. This is no small effort, as it goes right to the heart of Liquid Notes' technology - and, after porting is done, requires a significant effort in testing the music algorithms (and potential re-training of those through machine learning methods). All in all, we felt that Java is too much of a barrier for many of you, and hence decided to pull the plug on it. Even though this means Liquid Notes 2 won't be ready before next year.

New functions in Liquid Notes 2

At this stage a first, very early prototype is taking shape. The road ahead requires integration of modules - which require further development, equally - to be able to offer intelligent chord generation and advanced reharmonization features: the former takes the user by the hand when laying the foundations of a song, whereas the latter enables changes of style with, at best, the click of one button only (and within some set perimeters only). Overall, the aim is to make the core technology for reharmonization more accessible in Liquid Notes 2, and at the same time add much wanted features that turn it into a 'sketchpad'.

This requires changes to the user interface, and clarification of items related to it. None of the latter has been started yet. However, as done previously - and once there is more clarity on these - we will make you part of the product development process. Bare with us, we will share mockups, etc. with you once we are a few steps further in the product development cycle - for now, only a few people will be contacted on specific questions.

Java 8 problem on Mac (Liquid Notes)

The above gives a glance on the size of the tasks ahead of us. Our development team is fully booked for the next months, hence we have decided not to invest into solving the Java 8 problem on Mac with Liquid Notes. It'd negatively impact the time available for work on Liquid Notes 2, which clearly is our priority at this stage.

Support for Liquid Notes and upgrade to Liquid Notes 2

We will continue the support of Liquid Notes normally, no changes to that. Upgrade offers for existing customers of Liquid Notes will become available in due time before the launch of Liquid Notes 2, either directly available from us or your preferred dealer.

For questions use the comment feature below or contact us directly.

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