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Attack Magazine's Synth Secrets on reharmonizing a melodic sequence with Liquid Notes

Attack Magazine may only be a few years old, but it has made some major strides in the world of (electronic) music production. The magazine is very popular with music producers and songwriters alike, providing great coverage on industry news, technique and features.

In their Synth Secrets series on programming tutorials they take a look at how to make a range of classic and new synth sounds using a range of plugins. This time round they focused on reharmonizing the melodic sequence of a song with Liquid Notes.

Reharmonizing a melodic sequence with Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes' harmonic analysis enables it to read and interpret a song like an expert. The software gains a deep understanding of the harmonic structure of your MIDI arrangement from such an analysis, which includes chords, scales and melody.

This data allows changes to a melodic sequence to be made with the click of a button in Liquid Notes. After importing your project, you can choose which chords to reharmonize upon which our intelligent chord progression management software will model the notes for the new desired chord for you.

Attack Magazine have put this together in a nice step by step sequence in their tutorial. It makes it easy to follow, and shows you what you can do with Liquid Notes in a nutshell.

Find herewith the link to the post at Attack Magazine, and enjoy reading it.

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