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Startup Innovators Showcase: Re-Compose at the 12th SF MusicTech Summit

SF MusicTech Summit Startup Innovators Showcase

SF Music Tech Summit is always a delight to attend. It brings together "visionaries in the evolving music / business / technology ecosystem, along with the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians, and organizations who work with them at the convergence of culture and commerce."

This year's event was no different. Plenty of startups and new ideas in music, and Re-Compose amongst the winners of the Startup Innovators Showcase. We've been named one of ten Notable Startups to watch out for, thus stay tuned!

Plenty of tech and music at this year's SF MusicTech Summit

The 12th SF Music Tech Summit saw speakers from all over the world from different industries where music plays a key element in: entertainment, film, technology, and yes, the music industry. Next to that there was an impressive line-up of startups with innovative ideas in music.

With nearly 1.000 attendees the Kabuki Hotel in Japantown was a bustling place full of people, interesting conversations and great panel discussions. Above all topics discussed one thing became clear: music tech is an emerging field that, thanks to the continued growth of tablets - such as the iPad - and gamification, is gaining more traction. There's an ever larger number of startups and ideas being presented, gone are the days of Spotify and Pandora filling the music tech sector with streaming services only.

An ecosystem of apps in music tech emerging

Today it is much more than that: there's folks working on educational apps that enable people to learn how to play instruments, or how to remix music. There's others who engage in innovative ways to take existing experiences, such as YouTube performances, to the next level. And there's us from Re-Compose who power the next generation of fitness & health apps and (video) games by making music fully interactive; i.e. music that is manipulated deeply and reacts to your performance when working out, for example. To that end, stay tuned for some announcements in that area soon!

These are only some of the examples witnessed at this year's SF MusicTech Summit. There are many more, and we love to see that music and tech have finally found itself. Go developers and create awesome stuff!

Big thanks to Brian Zisk and his team for organizing a great event! See you there next time again.

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