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Quick User Guide: Why you should spend some minutes to learn about Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes Quick User Guide

Did you actually know we added a quick user guide to version 1.3 of Liquid Notes? It is the one item we invested a lot of time in to get you started more easily.

Why is that important you ask? It's simple: our intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes, comes with a radically simpler user interface that optimizes your music production workflow through reduction and focus on core elements only.

So spending five minutes to get to know the main functions of the user interface will give you a head start with Liquid Notes.

About the Quick User Guide

We have focused on making the Quick User Guide interact with Liquid Notes as swiftly as possible. It's only four pages, structured into three larger sections:

Chords, harmony, and live improvisation informs you about the general operations of the user interface, its fader controllers, the loop bar, and other functionalities. It gives you the full picture of what there is to be found on the user interface of Liquid Notes.

Loading templates and importing your own music tells you more about the various Style Templates that we packed into Liquid Notes. Use them as starting points to derive musical ideas from, or as fragments in longer compositions.

Or simply import your own MIDI file into Liquid Notes to get started with a full harmonic analysis.

Using Liquid Notes with your sequencer is all about how to connect your DAW with our intelligent music production tool. The built-in auto-routing mechanism will be of great help to make this process a smooth one.

Accessing the Quick User Guide

You can access the Quick User Guide from the Welcome Screen in Liquid Notes. Simply click on "Click Here to Start", and the guide will open automatically. Or download it from the user manuals' section of our website.

Need help? Or, have questions?

Reach out to our customer support via the support center or by email to

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