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Quick Menu in Liquid Notes gives you direct access to important settings

With the overhaul of the user interface of Liquid Notes a little while ago, we included some buttons for a better workflow when operating Liquid Notes. This enables you know, for example, to access the instrument selection and ReHarmonize settings via one click only.

Learn more about how to do this here.

Quick menu buttons in Liquid Notes

The Quick Menu buttons are located at the top of the user interface of the Liquid Notes window, right next to the menu. There, you'll find two buttons closely aligned to each other - one with a piano on it, the other with some dots within the squared shape.

Clicking the former brings up the instrument selection panel, whereas a click on the latter selects the ReHarmonize settings. These are both settings you may want to access when making changes to your MIDI arrangement.

When opening one of these menus, find a link at the bottom of the popup window that contains a pdf with more information about the particular functions on offer. This makes it possible for you to look up what the respective settings do before making any changes to them.

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