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A Quick Guide in Liquid Notes takes you through the software in two minutes

When we designed Liquid Notes we not only focused on the ease of use of the user interface but also what possibilities there are to have you understand its features quickly. At the time there weren't too many options, albeit we added one later with splash screens that are displayed on the first opening of our intelligent chord progression management software.

However, in case someone missed those screens one has to do it the old way.

Quick Guide for an easy start with Liquid Notes

We decided that the best way forward is to add a Quick Guide to the software. This is a document which holds information about the most important features of Liquid Notes while not going into the same depth as the User Manual. This is of particular importance as we do not try to make you get the same information over and over again.

The Quick Guide provides a good overview of the main features of Liquid Notes, mainly focusing on operation of the software. Its aim is for you to spend less than 5 minutes with it and afterwards have a good sense on how to make use of the software. That is, being able to open a MIDI file and start making changes to chord progressions.

Because it is included as a pdf, it also enables you at any time to go back and open the document from the menu. Select Help > Quick Guide.. from the menu in Liquid Notes, and the document will open.

You may want to keep the Quick Guide open when making first steps with Liquid Notes, as this will get you up to speed with our intelligent assistant for chord progressions quicker.

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